Photo Laura Johanna König

I am a crafter. I like to get in contact with materials, whether it’s the yarn that runs through my fingers or the lines of code I shift on my computer screen. It is not about power nor the concept of creation – but about the possibility of stepping into dialogue with my environment.

I must have chosen textiles because it is so obvious to my human body; the one material that we never loose contact to, the most devoted friends of all.

Having been working as a bespoke tailor and studying architecture and textiles, I have learned a lot about the functionalities and construction of the environments we build to have filled by our bodies. But - especially in the last two years - I saw the materials of our environment shifting and I had to fear, that the set of tools I had at hand were not suited anymore for handling and cultivating our new surroundings.

My current work is targeting this exact spot; the fear of the non-human and those without a body as well as the translation between the physical and the virtual