3. Architecture  

3.1 Exhibition Pavilion

Selam Bauhaus / 2019
Summaery Bauhaus-Universität 2019
Photo Jesús Velázquez

A dome like structure using simple and natural materials, like bamboo and wool. Devised as a puplic platform, it encourages visitors to discuss and participate in the design of the(ir) built enviroment.
//Design and Construction: Marco Luca Reusch, Karen Modrei

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Photo Jesús Velázquez

3.2 Textile Installation and Stage

Bewegte Räume / 2019
Bauhausfest: Franz meets Walter in Räumen.
Photo Marco Luca Reusch

A textile installation that was installed in the historic Brendelsches Atelier on Bauhaus Campus. The flexibility of the material and its construction was creating a pulsating performance space, on the occasion of the celebration of the Bauhaus centenary.
//Design and Construction: Sophie Mehner, Simon Martini, Karen Modrei
//Dancer: Luise Strehlow, Wiebke Kampferbeck
//Contrabass: Vincent Yehudin

Photo Marco Luca Reusch